2.1 En-Gender Conversations – “Gender in the disciplines” – Intro

After a two-months break, we are back with our second season! This time, Leandro and Jessica will meet various scholars from all over the world who have at least one thing in common: their work focusses on gender (and, as you cannot separate it from, sexuality, race, class, colonialism, intersectionality, politics …).

In each episode we invite at least two scholars who have mostly not known each other before the episode to chat about their work and their experience in academia. In this first introductory episode, Leandro and Jessica tell you all about how they came to this idea, why they wanted to do it and also give you some short insights into their own work and why gender research is so important for them.

Also, there is a special surprise question waiting for every guest at the end of the episodes: “If there was only one book that you could suggest to our listeners, which one would it be?” Of course, Jessica and Leandro also had to answer this question, and their reply was:

Leandro: Yuderkys Espinosa Miñoso, Diana Gómez Correal, Karina Ochoa Muñoz (eds) 2014: “Tejiendo de otro modo: feminismo, epistemologia y apuestas descoloniales en Abya Yala.”

Jessica: Judith Butler (2016): “Frames of War”

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