2.5 En-Gender Conversations – “Queer Theories”

This time we are meeting Jiya, Alexis and Kate who all do research in the realm of queer theory: from different places in the world and different historical times – so we all had a lot to learn!

As usual, the three had to reply to our special surprise question and these are their answers:

I recommended George Eliot’s Letters to the listeners – there are a handful of collections out there, the most famous or comprehensive being the 9 volume collection edited by Gordon Haight. This collection is digitized, so listeners might be able do a document search for anything they might be most interested in! A fun bit of reading for anyone interested in a canonical 19th century figure who had a lot of opinions about a lot of topics.

Súin ní Chrochuir’s writing in the 1980s and 1990s. Much of this was published in the magazine Lesbians on the Loose, which is available via TROVE.

The Weave of My Life: A Dalit Woman’s Memoirs by Urmila Pawar. 

Alexis A. Ferguson (they/them) is a PhD candidate in English and Gender and Sexuality Studies at Princeton University. Their research explores the 19th century scientific construction of sex and its relation to what we now understand as gender, transness, and cisness. 

Kate Manlik (they/she) is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Their research focusses on lesbian and queer women’s place in the Australian HIV/AIDS landscape.

Jiya (she/her) is a historian of disability and of colonial and post-colonial South Asia. Her dissertation focuses on disability, heirarchy, and social welfare from the 1930s to 1990s in India. Jiya strongly believes in non-Eurocentric and praxis-driven scholarship, and her teaching and academic service reflect this commitment.

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