Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson

University of Glasgow 

Her disciplines are History and English Literature.

Ashley is interested in exploring masculinities and femininities both in the twelfth century and in the sixteenth century; both of which were periods of great social and religious change in western Europe. She is currently doing an MRes at the University of Glasgow, and is always keen to get involved in as many projects as she can. She recently set up a theatre company (Bottoms Up Theatre) with her fiancé, and successfully created a virtual theatre festival centred around the experiences of medieval women as detailed in twelfth century chronicles. She loves reading, acting, directing and enjoys baking, whenever she gets a minute.

Ashley’s research interests include western European gender dynamics and relationships, specifically in the twelfth century and the sixteenth century, with a particular focus on masculinities and male identities. She has also researched the institution of Catholicism in the medieval period, through to the Reformation and the changes that western organised religion underwent as a result.

  • Email: at2711 [at]
  • Twitter: @AshleyTacademic