1.03 En-Gender Conversations “N Narratives”

In this episode we welcome Sanchali Sarkar who tells us about her project, N Narratives. Sanchali is an independent researcher working on women and public transport. At the moment she is carrying out a short research project on South Asian women commuters' travel experiences in Germany, and was a visiting academic at the Chair of … Continue reading 1.03 En-Gender Conversations “N Narratives”

1.02 En-Gender Conversations “The Rewrite Academy”

In this episode we welcome our first guest, Paridhi Gupta, who tells us about her project, The Rewrite Academy. You can find The Rewrite Academy here and follow Paridhi's Twitter here. If you got interested, just contact her! Follow us to not miss any episode, join En-Gender, send us your work to publish, and become … Continue reading 1.02 En-Gender Conversations “The Rewrite Academy”

Commentary on: The World’s Oldest Oppression

Commentary by Erin Rennie “The World’s Oldest Oppression”: An Intersectional Abolitionist Look at the Sex Trade provides a discussion on the debate of legalisation and regulation of prostitution from an intersectional radical feminist lens. This article stands in opposition to a surge of feminist activism and a growing body of feminist research and literature through a liberal … Continue reading Commentary on: The World’s Oldest Oppression

Find your academic community. If you don’t have one, start one!

By Catherine Phipps The History of the Gendered Body is an interdisciplinary seminar series from the University of Oxford that invites speakers to discuss bodies, gender and sexuality throughout history and the present day. It was born out of one conversation, two and a half years ago. I’d been attending seminars hosted by the “Cultural Histories, Cultural … Continue reading Find your academic community. If you don’t have one, start one!

Commentary on: Thousand Suns

By Lily Grainger Cristiano Cardone’s investigation into the presence of Isiac cults in Naples, the historic context of these cults and the understanding of these cults through an esoteric and gender lens produces an original and fruitful piece of research into a pervasive element of culture that appears to have been largely disregarded amongst critical circles.  … Continue reading Commentary on: Thousand Suns