CfP Conference 2021

The conference will be divided into three main parts.

  • Paper presentations and short presentations
  • Discussions on theory and methods
  • How to “gender” in academia

Paper presentations and short presentations:

The conference is destined to share your research and research methods, and we invite proposals for 20 minute papers on a series of gendered-related topics. We invite proposals from new and established academics for this session and ask you to please send us a 200 word abstract of your proposed paper. 

We also want to encourage collaboration and support amongst academics, and are offering a more social-focused session for 10 minute presentations on research and challenges. These are designed to suit whatever stage your research is at, and receive feedback and advice from peers and help build your network. Challenges may include funding, access to archives, developing a support group during your studies, lack of scholarship. Please send us a 150 word abstract of your proposed presentation for this session.

Topics for these sessions include but are not limited to:

– Working World and  Gender (unions, labor rights, exclusions)

– Parenthoods

– Changes in abortion rights

– Resistances & Agency

– Culture, Society, Power relations 

– Queerness, Sexuality and Gender in Relation

– Girlhoods & Boyhoods

– Struggles, Oppression, Decolonization 

– Intersectionality (not limited, but including: race, religion, class, sexuality)

– Global/regional/local politics (such as far-right movements) and their impact on gender

– Gendered Bodies

– Gender and Cyberpolitics


For both our sections on discussions, we seek abstracts of 100 words for short presentations. Your pieces can be critical, fun, or introspective. We want to promote cultures of listening as an integral feminist practice, and provide you a platform to do so. While there will be presentations, the aim of this section is to rethink and reflect as a community, and talk to each other, so these presentations will be followed by longer discussions. The questions we pose are mere reference,therefore please feel free to bring your own as well. 

  1. Theory and Methods

In this session, we want to discuss the basic question: What is the main body of methods and theories, that we, as gender scholars, use and need? How do we use them from different disciplinary backgrounds? How can interdisciplinarity expand the existing body of theories and methods? What are the ways in which new methods and methodologies to approach gender are evolving? Where do the new methodologies arise from? How is the relationship between academia and activism developing locally/regionally/globally?

  1. How to “gender” in academia

Much like the world around us, the space of academia, and the experiences of it are embedded within gendered relations and practices. In this session, we seek commentaries on challenges, hopes, and academic journeys through the lens of gender. In one way, it will focus on the politics of being in academia, and what roles gender plays within it. How do people from distinct backgrounds and training experience this? Do scholars adopt or have to perform certain gender roles while they are in academia? What are the ways in which we can imagine a feminist academic space? What are we doing to make academia and our own gender studies/feminist spaces truly inclusive?

Interested in presenting in one or more of the parts? Fill out this Google Form by 31 May.

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