En-Gender! Volume 3 Issue 6 (2021)

Thousand Suns

The Isaic Cult’s Presence in Naples through an esoteric and gender-based perspective

by Cristiano Cardone

Cristiano Cardone, born in Naples in 1997, is a student of Ibsen’s studies at the University of Oslo, Norway. Graduated in Literature in Italy at Alma Mater Studiorum, after a brief period abroad in Poland, he moved to Norway in 2019 to finish his Master Degree and attempting a Ph.D. in Scandinavian Studies and Linguistics. Besides esotericism, which he studies in the free time, he wrote a couple of novels in Italy and just published his first independent short story on Amazon. His passion for writing continues as more articles and books are planned.

Keywords: Esotericism, Isis, Gender Studies, Feminine, Italy, Naples, Esoteric Studies, Gender


This article aims to present the link between the Graeco-Egyptian deity Isis and the Mediterranean culture of Naples. Starting from the story of the cult and its movement to the Parthenopean city, Cardone discusses esoterically the topic, by referring to scholars of the matter for the most part, without disdaining also less authoritative sources. This gives empirical pieces of evidence about the conceptualization of Isis, its links with Roman domination, and the historical background, highlighting the changes that the cult (or better, cults) of Isis went through by moving from the Orient. The article closes with a gender perspective of the deity and how its feminine aspects helped to shape the modern conception of Naples.

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