Jessica Albrecht

Jessica Albrecht

University of Heidelberg

Research and interests: Gender History, Women’s History, Religion, Colonial History, Decolonial Studies / History, Contemporary Feminism, History of Feminism, the New Woman

Bio: Jessica is a PhD student at the University of Heidelberg. Her research is part of the project „Theosophy and English language Womens’ Education in colonial Sri Lanka“ funded by the German Research Foundation. Jessica holds a Master in Gender History from the University of Glasgow and a Master in South Asian Modern Languages and Literature from the University of Heidelberg.

She is co-founder of  En-Gender! and mentor at Fem4Scholar.

Jessica’s doctoral project „Theosophy and English language Womens’ Education in colonial Sri Lanka“ looks at the history of girls’ education and religion in Sri Lanka. In particular, one of the aims of the project is to illuminate the relationships and connections between European women who came to Sri Lanka at the end of the nineteenth century to found girls schools and Sri Lankan girls and women. The other main interest is to look at the importance of girls’ schools in forming a religious and national gendered identity in Sri Lanka. By looking at previously unconsidered institutions in the history of gender and religion, this project will spread light on the agencies of women in Sri Lanka who have often not been considered „authentically religious“, because their actions take place outside of institutional religion. 

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