Queer-Indigenous Studies

This list is provided by Dr Sandy O’Sullivan.

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SOCIAL INCLUSION SPECIAL ISSUE: Young, Indigenous, LGBTIQ+: Understanding and Promoting Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Including articles by Corrinne Sullivan, Sandy O’Sullivan, Peta Phelan and Robyn Oxley, Mandy Henningham.

All articles found here:  https://www.cogitatiopress.com/socialinclusion/issue/view/213


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Then a few other pieces (open or free download access) by queer Indigenous scholars

Pyle, K. (2019) Ozaawindib, the Ojibwe Trans Woman the US Declared a Chief Ozaawindib’s story reveals important historical realities of queer, trans, and/or Two-Spirit experiences in North America, especially relating to the process of colonization and the erasure of people who did not conform to the accepted dominant standards of gender and sexuality. The Activist History Review.https://activisthistory.com/2019/06/13/ozaawindib-the-ojibwe-trans-woman-the-us-declared-a-chief/

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I mentioned our journal: https://www.journalofglobalindigeneity.com

It’s all open access, and we welcome contributions from Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers on all things Indigenous.

Here are a few queer, Indigenous things from the COVID issue.  One by Alex Wilson, one by me.

Wilson, A. (2021). Queering Land-Based Education During Covid19. Journal of Global Indigeneity5 (1), 1-10.


(content warning for suicide mentions)

O’Sullivan, S. (2021). Lifelines: Reaching out in a pandemic. Journal of Global Indigeneity5 (1), 1-13.



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Tweetstream (that includes a bunch of open access articles by queer Indigenous writers)

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