Sanchali Sarkar

Sanchali Sarkar

Visiting Lecturer at the Department of English at Basanti Devi College (University of Calcutta)

Research Interests: Intersectional feminism, Mobility studies, Security studies, Gender and Literature, Gender and Media, South Asian Studies.

Short Biography:I am currently a Research Consultant based in Kolkata, India. I also teach postgraduate students at the Department of English at Basanti Devi College (affiliation: University of Calcutta). I have recently worked on a project on Women and Property Rights and Housing in India, led by Dr Henrike Donner (Goldsmiths College, London). 

Upon receiving the AUFF grant from Aarhus University, Denmark in 2018, I worked on Indian (specifically Bengali) women commuters’ right to mobility in local trains in West Bengal, India, as a predoctoral researcher under the supervision of Prof Dr Uwe Skoda, Head, India and South Asia Studies at the Department of Global Studies. In 2019 my essay titled ” Violence in Public Spaces: Security and Agency of Women in West Bengal” was published in the Routledge edited volume Violence in  South Asia: Contemporary Perspectives. It was one among the three essays selected from the journal ‘Kairos’ in which the essay was originally published. 

I was invited to present my work as a guest speaker at the Research Colloquium organized by the Department of Comparative Development and Cultural Studies- Southeast Asia, and the Department of Southeast Asia at the University of Passau, Germany, and at the Department of Indian Studies at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary in January 2020. 

At the moment I am working on an essay on women and wartime sexual violence slated to be published as part of an edited volume on Human Rights, by the end of the year from Routledge.
In my spare time, I like to bake, cook. I love photography. And I have recently formed a digital platform ‘N Narratives’ where I want people to engage in discussions on issues broadly related to gender, race, class. It is my way of using my social media time more productively. I will be hosting its first online talk next month!

  • Twitter: @sanchalisarkar 
  • Email: sanchali.27 [at]